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Star Gazor: 「宇宙を100周したい」
 So many fruit orchards around the Nagano basin mean that at night it's
Sometimes it feels pitch black,
well until you look up...

If you do look up this is what you might see:

JJ0FXP M81 Upperleft  M82 LowerRight 爆発cosmos

Today we had planned to swim at the Sun Marine Pool in Nagano,
but stopped at amateur radio firends house on the way to exchange QSL cards.
 Amateur or 'Ham' radio operators send cards to prove they actually communicated from point A to point B.  Some times Ham's are very proud of these cards and me too.  Contacts by radio are often in different languages and often to & from un-usual places like the International Space station, Siberia, arctic expedition etc.

Matsuzawa-san Lining up

So today's operator was also NOT YOUR USUAL CHARACTER, Matsuzawa-san JJ0FXP & lovely wife JJ0FXQ are always amazing to talk to, especially on air.  Today they showed us 2 great aspects of Nagano - fresh fruit, beautiful scenery & a hobby to last a life time: astronomy.  I don't know anyone with more enthusiasm or knowledge about the remote places we never think about.

JJ0FXP-san explained that they were just studying an explosion that was about 100 million times bigger than our gallaxy....I am not sure how big that actually is, ...but got the feeling it was worth atleast 5minutes of our time.

Star Map

Check out some of his pictures here. 

JJ0FXP  sombrerro 星雲

From star charts to eggplant evolution (below), it was interesting to compare the scale of things.  These eggplant things liked like blueberries, as they had revolved back to they original size (before farmers had played around with breeding/genetics):

F1 Eggplant 茄子

For 2 younsters, the scales of the blueberries below was just right...

Blueberries we picked, after somebody in particular ate most of the others!!!

Nagano must be one of the most fascinating places I've seen, 
simply an abundance of fresh fruit, berries, vegetables, wine & beer along with so many very interesting characters embedded in the's a break away from the standardized Tokyo & Kyoto population.

Cooks busy

Can you see the interest the kids have in this picture?

We borrowed a telescope, ate dinner early, and some blueberry jam^-^ then just as the clouds parted had the most beautiful view of the moon.  Looking at moon through the telescope felt like looking at a 10meter diameter ball from 50meters away - very very close.
2 young daughters who had been fascinated & totally absorbed with fruit picking during the day, were now set on doing laps around the moon....or so I asked 「月様を一周して来る」”Do you want to do a lap around the moon?"

The answer came back before I had finished asking: 「宇宙全文を100周回する」 "100times round the whole universe"...
 I just don't have enough words to describe how totally absorbed we were with all this Nagano Natural ....and eating today.

If you are keen to see some of this, please ask and we'll try to show you^-^
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